So, what is NFTBoxes?

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A monthly box containing expertly curated NFTs by legendary NFT collector Pranksy. You buy a box from us and if you still have it at the end of the month then 10 or so different NFTs are airdropped into your account to simulate a box opening.

NFTBoxes is about the collector, the NFT newcomer, the artist, the priced out, the short of time and the love of NFTs.

We work with elite level crypto artists and projects to bring their work to as many people as we can. NFTBoxes creates fans and collectors of artists our buyers were previously unaware of. Just in our Jan and Feb boxes already our early adopters have dug into the artists in the box to discover their rich history and really engage with the project. It brings fans and artists together who were meant to be but are yet to meet.

If you are new to the space and it all seems too overwhelming, where do you start? Here at NFTBoxes we allow you the opportunity to buy in one central place and receive 10 NFTs a week from excellent artists and projects in the space, with the pieces curated by Pranksy in a colab with the headliner themselves the artists are handpicked to pick that months theme. We offer a one stop shop to a diverse collection of NFTs.

A big fan of Coldie and really want a piece? Before NFTBoxes you would be looking in the many thousands just to acquire a 1/1. We bring these big names to a more affordable price range for fans. For artists it unlocks fans who may in the future be capable of buying a more expensive piece and for the fan it allows them to connect with an artist in a way that was previously not available to them.

It can be overwhelming to keep up with the NFT space. What used to be a small community of die hard visionaries is now an ever growing space with what feels like hundreds of new projects a week. How can anyone possibly keep up single-handedly? It is great we are seeing this growth and welcome to everyone new, but if you want to make sure you are seeing an experts view, we bring that to you every month.

Our NFT contract is what we consider the gold standard of NFT contracts. The images and metadata are both sorted on chain using IPFS and Arweave. This was created by our friends at NFT42 who are the cutting edge in this space.

Our new ticket system should ensure a more fairly distributed NFTBox, less gas wasted and it rewards those who hold our NFTs with our soon to come farming system. We also encourage community engagement, there is never a better time to get involved in our discord:

Want more reasons you should buy an NFTBox? That can be found here:

To get involved with the March drop, please see here:



NFTBoxes is a curated monthly box of NFTs on the newest gold standard of NFT technology.

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NFTBoxes is a curated monthly box of NFTs on the newest gold standard of NFT technology.